Fastest Way to Fall Asleep (Solutions)

No matter how much we understand the importance of sleeping for an adequate amount of hours. Some people just have the hardest time sleeping.

People with sleeping disorders, such as insomnia, go through a lot just to have some quality sleep. The struggle to shut their eyes is real.

Insomnia is not the only condition in which a person takes time to doze off. Sometimes, sleeping late becomes a habit, and the difficulty in sleeping is nothing but due to a bad established habit.

Other than establishing good habits, there are some other things that can be done to fall asleep fast. What are those? You are going to get them under this section.

Fastest way to fall asleep
There are Multiple Things That Can Be Done to Sleep Fast

How can I fall asleep fast?

While falling asleep fast can be a real challenge for some people. There are some tested techniques that could help you fall asleep quicker.

  • Stop using electronic devices like TVs, laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones before going to bed.
  • Avoid consuming coffee way ahead of bedtime. Coffee tends to alert us to productivity. Drinking it before bed can only trigger the mind for productivity rather than preparing for sleep.
  • Consuming alcohol close to bed affects the REM sleep stage which causes disturbed sleeping patterns. This eventually fills up the coming day with frustration. Avoid alcohol before bed at all costs.
  • Give yourself an environment that the sleep cannot say NO to. Dim the lights, keep the temperature of the room to the amount that you enjoy sleeping in, and play some soft tune, or some white noise to fall asleep fast.
  • Keep your naps in the day small and not before bedtime.

Why can’t I fall asleep?

Stress is the main cause of not falling asleep other than chronic insomnia.

Lucky are those people who just lay down to sleep and actually sleep. Other people just struggle to sleep for hours after going to bed.

Unable to sleep at night
Sleeping Problems Can Take a Toll on a Person

The concerns of the day keep the mind awake and active at night. The ever-so-working brain makes it impossible for the person to sleep. This is one of the reasons why people consult a doctor for the problems they stress about.

Here in this video, you can learn about why cannot you sleep.

Reason for not Sleeping

Methods of Falling Asleep

There are some methods that help a lot in falling asleep. These rules work differently for different people. So, if you are planning to go for one, choose the one that helps you most.

The 10 3 2 1 0 Rule

The 10 3 2 1 0 method is the ideal one that works for almost everybody.

According to this particular method, the person who aims to sleep on time must not drink coffee or caffeine any more than 10 hours before going to bed.

3 hours before going to bed to sleep, do not consume alcohol or food. Whatever you want to eat and drink must be within 3 hours of time.

2 hours before dozing off, one must keep all the work aside. No matter if it is school work, professional stuff, or home chores.

1 hour before shutting down yourself, shut down your screens. Screens like TVs, laptops desktops, and mobile devices.

The 5 by 1 Technique

The 5 1 technique is pretty simple and interesting too. The eyes do not sleep because the mind is racing with the thoughts. To stop this all, the best thing you can do is follow this simple technique.

Take a piece of paper and give yourself 5 minutes to jot down the to-do list for tomorrow that keeps you thinking the whole time. This will help you figure out what needs to be done and you will stop the compulsive thinking.

Keep the paper near your bed to add more things to the list if need be. This helps the mind to shut down and sleep eventually.

If you like, list down the things on per priority basis. The most important things must be listed first and the list goes on.

The 234 Method

The 2 3 4 method is designed specifically for babies. The idea is to keep them awake in the day for more hours.

The idea is to let the child sleep after 2 hours since they wake up in the morning. Their second nap must be after 3 hours from their first nap. And their third nap must be after 4 hours after their second nap.

this method will eventually help the baby to learn to wake up more in the daytime.

Reading before sleeping
Reading Helps to Sleep Faster

The Golden Rules of Sleep

Sleeping faster is a blessing and the people blessed with it are the people who follow a certain set of rules religiously.

Nothing comes easy and so does a good night’s sleep that too fast. the following table is the explanation of the golden rules of sleep.

Golden Rules of Sleep Explanation
Stick to a ScheduleMake a sleeping schedule and stick to it no matter what. After some time you will notice that your body is following the schedule itself.
Restrict Bed for Sleep OnlyIf you are someone who likes to study or make office presentations on your bed, use your study table instead. Restricting your bed for sleeping gives the brain the right kinds of singles when laying down to sleep.
Create an EnvironmentCreate an environment to sleep that your brain cannot reject. Choose the right thermostat for the right kind of temperature. Also, use dim light when you are trying to fall asleep.
MeditateMeditating before sleep helps a lot in sleeping quickly and peacefully for the whole night.
Listen What SoothesListening to some soft tunes or white noise has proven effective for fast sleeping. Static sound and the sound of rainfall are considered therapy for people who struggle to sleep.
The Golden Rules of Sleep


In this article, we have gathered:

  • Falling asleep fast is challenging but doable.
  • You have to do a few things to get your life set, sleeping-wise.
  • Chronic insomnia is one thing but stressing over something also keeps a person awake at night.
  • Use noise and physical therapies to get yourself to fast sleeping.
  • Choose the dimmer lights as nightlights.
  • Use a proven method to sleep fast.
  • Also, make a schedule and stick to it no matter what. After a while, you will see yourself immune to that lifestyle which is going to be a good turn in your life.

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