How To Keep Mattress Topper From Sliding At Night

A mattress topper can be an absolute gamechanger.

It can be the cheap miracle that transforms a rock-hard mattress to a comfy memory foam haven.

Or, it can turn a good night’s sleep into a fractured one by constantly sliding all over the place!

A sliding mattress topper can be incredibly frustrating and annoying. Thankfully, there’s ways we can fix it. In this guide I’ve put together every tip there is on how to stop a mattress topper from sliding.

So – How Can You Stop A Mattress Topper From Sliding? Try putting a rough layer between your topper and mattress (like an old sheet or thin mat) to prevent sliding. Use topper suspenders/grips to hold it in place. Or even using an extra tight fitted sheet will stop a topper sliding.

There’s much more to it than that, though.

Ready to fix your sliding mattress topper?

Then let’s dive in!

Why Mattress Toppers Slide

The first thing to understand is WHY you’re having this problem in the first place.

This can be because of a variety of reasons. If you can figure out which of these is causing your mattress topper to slide, it’ll be easy to pinpoint which tip/solution till work to fix it.

Smooth Mattress Cover / Topper

Sliding happens due to a lack of friction. Two rough things rubbing together won’t move, while two smooth things will glide easily.

For some reason, mattress companies sometimes like to make their creations super smooth on top. If your mattress topper is directly on top of the mattress, this may be why you’re sliding around.

This is an easy fix. Simply put a sheet on top of the mattress (or some other ‘middle man’) to add a bit of friction between the two layers.

Mismatched Sizes

Having too large or too small a mattress topper can cause a lot of movement.

Think of your mattress topper like Goldilocks… you want it to be juuust right.

Unfortunately this isn’t easy without measuring your mattress and buying the right sized mattress topper. However, for those with too large of a topper, you can always cut it down to size.

Your Bed Base Moves Around

This is especially common with cheap and lightweight bed frames. If the actual base of your bed is moving, this means your mattress is sliding around. Combine this with some weight on the bed, and you’ve got different levels of movement between the topper and the mattress.

Think of it the bed frame, mattress, and mattress topper like blocks in a Jenga game. Moving a lower block doesn’t mean the block sitting above it will move. Your bed layout may be the same.

If you can find a way to prevent your frame from moving around (or get a sturdier one), this stops all movement and fixes the issue.

Your Mattress Is Dirty

This may sound weird – but it’s not really.

If your mattress has had layers of dust, dirt, or even crumbs on it, these make it very easy for your topper to be sliding around. Think of this like moving a heavy objects by putting it on rollers.

Stripping your bed down and giving your mattress a solid clean could make a difference here.

You Move A Ton At Night!

If you’re putting weight on your topper and moving/sliding around a lot during your sleep, this increases the chances that the topper slides with you.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to stop your natural inclinations while sleeping. All I can recommend is trying to introduce some better sleep hygiene (plenty of tips available on this blog) to get into a deeper sleep.

Otherwise, this isn’t a “solvable” issue. Instead, look at the following general tips to stop a mattress topper from sliding.

It’s a Poor Quality Topper

Now – I’m not saying all cheap options are bad. But most cheap mattress toppers are made up of polymer fabrics which slide around easily. Higher quality toppers often have a bit of roughness to the fabric, which helps prevent sliding.

No Head / Foot Boards

This can be a fairly minor reason, but having a head or foot board can help wedge your mattress topper in place. It prevents it from at leading sliding up and down (if you’ve got the right size of topper) – and can also help minimize any horizontal sliding.

Obviously, I wouldn’t go out and buy a set of head and foot boards if you don’t need them! But I did want to include this in-case it’s helpful for anyone with a spare set.

How to Stop A Mattress Topper from Sliding

No matter the cause, let’s look at the ways in which we can stop a topper from sliding.

These should help if your topper is too big, too small, too slidy, or being moved by your bed frame.

1.     Use a tightly fitted sheet.

Let’s start with the easiest one. Securing the mattress topper under a super tight bedsheet is the simplest way to keep it from moving. This doesn’t have to be a fitted sheet – get a helper and you can tuck in a normal sheet tightly enough to help stop any sliding movement.

2.     Use sheet suspenders.

When it comes to tools and tricks – this one’s probably the best.


Sheet suspenders are a clever little tool. They latch on and pull the edges near your sheet corners together – keeping them ultra tight.

They’re sort of like trouser bracers – but for your bed sheets!

By guaranteeing an ultra-tight fitting sheet, they give you the best chance at stopping your mattress topper from sliding around.

There’s also a big bonus – they keep your sheet so tight that your bed always looks perfectly made! No more little tweaks needed every morning.

3.     Check out a bed scrunchie.

Taking it one further level from sheet suspenders – is a bed scrunchie.

This isn’t just a tool, but a system.

Essentially, this is a wire system which sits below your mattress. It snaps on to your bedsheet at multiple locations around your bed. Then you can set the system to ‘pull’ your entire bedsheet in, evenly.

This is a super effective solution. Not only will it keep your mattress topper locked down, but it keeps your sheet perfectly creaseless, too.

Check out the BedScrunchie here.

While it’s not cheap – it’s not expensive either. And one scrunchie can last for years, reusable with any sheets and mattresses.

4.     Use an old sheet.

If your mattress is smooth, your topper’s going to slide. Instead, put a ‘sacrifical’ sheet between the two. Something old and worn, which should be thrown out anyway. This will add plenty of friction between the mattress and your topper.

5.     Use a non-stick mat.

To really take things to the next level, use an actual mat rather than an old sheet. This can be anything from a an old yoga mat (or any high friction material, really) – but also extend to purpose-made non-stick mats like this one:

6.     Use Velcro on your topper and mattress.

This sounds crazy, but it’s actually super easy.

You can get Velcro pads which stick on to any fabric using a strong adhesive. You simply attach a few pads around your mattress, and a few around your topper. Then, by pairing these together, you create a much stronger bond.

Works best if you spread multiple Velcro pads around to help distribute the pressure.

7.     Stop sliding by pinning in place

We’re getting a little wild here, but safety pins also totally work as a mattress sliding solution.

Using the largest pins you can find, simply pin the protector into the mattress. It’s worth using a good number of these, and spreading them around so there’s not too much stress put on one pin.

Don’t worry – this won’t damage your mattress. It’ll leave tiny holes that are pretty much unnoticeable. Instead, it’ll help secure the topper for months to come.

Rather have a real redneck solution? Use duct tape! Tie that topper down like you’re fixing up an old Ford pick-up truck.

8.     Give your mattress a vacuum

Like I mentioned in the ‘causes’ section – dirt, dust, and crumbs on a mattress can make a mattress topper roll around a little.

Stripping down the bed and whipping out the vacuum could be an instant fix if this happens to be your issue. Worth a shot on old mattresses, if you eat in bed, or if you ever used the mattress without sheets.

9.     Get a high-quality mattress topper.

This is, unfortunately, the best solution. Cheap mattress toppers are often made of smoother fabric, which slides around easily.

A high quality topper will be readily rough in order to prevent as much movement as possible. Not to mention more comfortable, and longer lasting! As the old saying goes – anything between you and the ground is worth investing in.


A sliding mattress topper can be a real pain.

It can turn a cosy sleep into a 3am clash of frustration.

I hope this quick guide’s given you a few ideas on how to handle that slippery topper.

If this content’s helped you, please consider checking out some of our other related articles below!

Thanks for reading – and I hope you rest well.


Helping you get the best night of sleep possible. Sharing what I learn through my research and testing.

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