Can You Suffocate Under A Blanket? (Safe Sleeps)

Having good sleep is important no matter how old you are. From infants to adults, everyone needs good, sound sleep to survive the day.

I know it’s nothing like air or anything, but sleeping is essential to keep the sanity left in humankind.

There are no two days alike when one is spent after a good and adequate amount of sleep, and the other went by after either insufficient sleep or after sleeping too much.

It’s very important to understand that sleeping, too, has got its limitations. Sleeping is good for sure, it makes you more productive after all. However, sleeping the whole day or for an inadequate amount of time has adverse effects.

Sleeping in a comfortable environment is important for sound sleep. For some people sleeping under a blanket isn’t just about feeling cold but comfort too. However, this acts with its own risk along with comfort.

If you like to sleep under a blanket but always have concerns if that is the right way to sleep the whole night, read out this article to learn everything you should about whether you suffocate under a blanket or not.

Person Under Blanket
Under the Cover

Can You Suffocate Under A Blanket?

You cannot suffocate under a blanket, but only if you’re not under the influence of anything nasty.

A sensible adult can be wide awake after shortness of breath in the middle of their sleep. However, an infant or a special person might be in danger if not taken care of immediately. These are the people who need caution and constant attention.

The air can pass through the blanket no matter how thick it might be. Shortness of breath is one thing, but a person’s instinct to survive leads them to waking up and removing the blanket eventually.

Sleeping Under A Blanket

Sleeping under a blanket is a choice for many people as it makes the environment more cozy, warm, comfortable, and secure.

Sleeping under the blanket has many benefits, but it does have a fair share of risks associated with it as well. Let’s dig in more to figure out what weighs more.

Coffee In Bed
Blanket Adds A Layer of Comfort

Comfort Elements of Sleeping Under A Blanket

There are a few comforting elements of sleeping under a blanket, and here are those:

  • Sleeping under a blanket is super comforting. You don’t have to rely on the darkness of the room to go into deep sleep, especially when you are sharing the room with anyone.
  • Also, the blanket over the head gives a sense of security to the person under it. Sleeping under a blanket provides an extra sense of security for a better and deep sleep resulting in a more productive day after waking up.
  • Moreover, on nights when it is cold outside, the temperature inside the blanket makes the person comfortable and warm.
  • It’s also important to realize that different kinds of blankets are now available in the market. Each of these blankets has its benefits and usage depending on each individual. For instance, weighted blankets are known for stress reduction.

Check out the following video to learn more.

Stress Reduced with Weighted Blankets

Risk factors of Sleeping Under A Blanket

We know that sleeping under a blanket has got some good points on the scoreboard. However, it’s crucial to understand that a habit like this can be harmful to some people and in some conditions.

Temperature Regulation Issues

Temperature regulation under a blanket isn’t as easy as it is outside of it.

This means that if a person’s body temperature is hot, it is highly likely that the temperature will only rise, and the person would sweat excessively and wake up with all the hotness inside.

And if the body temperature of a person is cold and the temperature will only decrease, and the resting person will find it extremely hard to fall asleep in the middle of this much discomfort.

Infant Death Syndrome

Infant death syndrome is real and very, very scary. Ask a newborn’s mother, and she’ll tell you all about it.

There are parents who find it hard to sleep with the thought of their child suffocating in their sleep, and that makes sense.

Infant death syndrome is a cause of death among children aged 1 month to 1 year. The reason behind this sort of death is shortness of breath in sleep. The thought is painful!

With a kid as young as a 1-year-old. Please be cautious in their and your sleeping hours too. These kids cannot fight something as light as a blanket over them.

Baby and blanket
Sleeping Even Near The Blanket Can Be A Reason For Infant Death Syndrome


Any adult who is under the influence of a seductive may be a victim of suffocation caused under the blanket or an adult who isn’t mentally stable. Other than that, adults have the tendency to get out of suffocation caused by a blanket.

However, in a rare case scenario, if the blanket is somehow stuck somewhere, making it difficult for the person underneath to come out can cause severe consequences. This is why I always ask people to be safe than sorry.

Too Heavy To handle

The market is full of different kinds of blankets. May it be a traditional blanket, a weighted blanket, or an electronic blanket, they all serve different kinds of purposes.

The weight of all those blankets is different for different people. If you feel that they’re too heavy to handle by you or a person around you, please avoid them and not put them over your head.

Comparison of Both Aspects

The comfort and risk of using a blanket overhead are so much so that it’s difficult to figure out what practice is better than the other.

See the following table to make your own choice:

The Comfort Elements of Sleeping Under A BlanketRisk Factors of Sleeping Under A Blanket
The gentle pressure helps in deep sleep.It can escalate temperature regulation issues
The darkness provides a cozy environment.Infant death can be caused of suffocation under a blanket.
A layer of blanket is like a layer of protection for some people. Infant death can be caused by suffocation under a blanket.
It helps to keep warm under the blanket. When a blanket is too heavy that it can not be handled, it might be risky to put such a blanket over the head.
Comparison Between Comfort Elements and Risk Factors of Blanket Over Head


  • It’s not easy to suffocate under a blanket, but this isn’t impossible.
  • A blanket provides an extra layer of warmth, darkness, coziness, security, and protection to a person who wears a blanket over the head.
  • No matter how great it feels to hide under a blanket to take a deep sleep, it is better to be cautious.
  • The reason to be cautious is that there are a few risks associated with this practice.
  • Risks like temperature regulation issues, infant death syndrome, suffocation, and the weight of the blanket.

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