Does waking up early burn more calories? (Here’s what to know)

Losing weight is quite a challenging task. For some people, the challenge is massive, and for some people, it is somewhat easily attainable.

There are a lot of factors that influence the weight loss. Your metabolic rate, any medical condition, eating habits, and the sleep routine. Everything works together to shred you some weight on the scale.

Obviously, exercising and diet are mandatory for weight loss, but a few changes in the lifestyle can take the process to another level.

Waking up early does not have a direct effect on weight loss. However, a well-slept night with an early rising gives a great, positive head start to the day.

The mind and body work well when you wake up early after sleeping for a good 7 to 9 hours; that depends on each individual’s needs.

Want to know more about the effect of waking up on calories? Keep on reading!

Weight Scale
Waking Up Early Brings Changes on Scale

Waking Up Early and Calorie Burn

Waking up early and calories do not have a direct effect but they sure have a significant effect on each other.

When we wake up early in the morning, the level of energy we have is different. The first few hours of the day seem to be more productive than the rest of the day.

Healthy Breakfast
Early Risers Often Eat Healthy

The ideal routine to burn calories is as follows:

  • Wake up around 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. after an 8-hour sleep.
  • Exercising after waking up. Exercises can differ from person to person and the reason for the workout. If the person intends to build muscles they do strength training. If the person intends to burn calories, cardio is the correct choice to make.
  • Take a steam bath and get ready for work or school, take your time as you will have plenty of it on hand.
  • Meanwhile, prepare a healthy breakfast that is filling and can be digested well too. Also, prepare your lunch to go. The food item that you choose may vary as some people avoid carbs, some fiber, and some lean meat.
  • Make time to go grocery shopping and keep your house filled with healthy snacking options. Deal cheat day items on cheat days only.
  • Go for a morning walk in the evening.
  • Have dinner by 7 and make sure to eat healthy. Never consume alcohol very close to bedtime.
  • Lay down in bed till 9 and make sure that you are sleeping by 10 am.
  • In the daytime, drink at least 8 glasses of water.

waking up early has a significant role in losing weight, know how!

Waking Up Early and Weight Loss

Calorie Burn: Different Activities

The amount of calories burned varies from activity to activity. The body is constantly working throughout the day, making blood and supplying it to all the right places takes up calories too.

Even when we are sleeping, the body does its job and burns calories. The following chart has all the required data for calorie burning in different activities.

Different Activities Calories Burn
Sleeping (8 hours of sleep)320 to 640 Calories
Exercising236 to 708 Calories
Sex3.1 to 4.2 Calories Per Minute
House chores236 Calories
Meditation236 Calories
Calorie Burn: Different Activities

The amount of calories you burn in a day with these activities highly depends on the age, weight, environment, and life choices you make.

Making the right changes in life like sleeping early and waking up early helps a lot in burning calories and losing weight. However, the right approach takes time and loads of effort.

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Choose Your Food Wisely

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you lose weight by waking up early?

Yes, waking up in the early hours of the day after completing at least 8 hours of well-rested sleep helps in losing weight. There is an indirect connection between weight loss and early rising.

When we wake up early with a full night’s sleep we have more energy to do our tasks. Moreover, waking up full of energy helps us think positively. Both of these factors encourage people to exercise and eat right.

What is the best time to wake up for weight loss?

Not just for weight loss but for overall better health, it is appropriate to wake up around 6 to 7 o’clock in the morning but only if you are sleeping around 10 pm at night.

Also, the body repairs itself at midnight so sleeping during these hours will help you to heal your body too. The best time to wake up highly depends on the time you go to bed to sleep. An average adult takes about 7 to 9 hours to sleep for a perfectly healthy mind and body.

Will I lose weight if I sleep early?

Yes, you will lose weight if you sleep early especially if you become a compulsive eater in the middle of the night.

Staying up late at night triggers hunger and that too for food with empty calories. This aids a lot in weight gain. So, sleep will have an inverse result for sure. It is often found that people who stay up late till night have poor health, not just in terms of physical health but mental health as well.


In this article, we have gathered:

  • Sleeping early and waking up early has a great effect on our overall health.
  • Waking up early is a lifestyle change that impacts our overall life pattern.
  • This habit gives people more energy, hence they can do more things in the day.
  • Moreover, positive life changes call for a positive attitude. When people wake up early they also start eating healthy.
  • These life changes, change the attitude and this change helps in burning calories.
  • The number of calories that you can burn varies from activity to activity too and if you have heard that the body burns calories at night while you are sleeping, you heard that right.

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