Why You Should Hug Your Pillow While Sleeping (Benefits Explained!)

Sleep has many benefits associated with it. May it be rest after a day full of work, healing the body itself, getting back that lost height, fighting diseases, or collecting the energy for the upcoming day.

But also, sleep helps in fighting anxiety and depression by providing a sense of security and comfort.

I’m sure most of my readers have once used something as a security blanket in their childhood. A pillow at one side of you while sleeping practically acts like a security blanket in adulthood.

Hugging a pillow while sleeping is extremely comforting, which helps in a deeper sleep and gives the hugging person the sense that they are not alone.

Along with comfort and security, there is so much more than a hugging pillow can be.

This article is a good read for people who like to hug a pillow while sleeping and want to know more about it in detail. So, let’s start!

Sleeping girl with a pillow
Sleeping With A Pillow Has Both Psychological and Physical Benefits

Reasons for Hugging A Pillow While Sleeping

Hugging a pillow while sleeping seems to be innocent, and it’s innocent, but not without a reason. There are a few psychological reasons why people hug a pillow while sleeping.

I’m sure many of you can relate to what I mean with the following reasons. I know almost all (but not every) of these reasons because I have been there!

Reasons for Hugging A Pillow While SleepingExplanation
PregnancyIn pregnancy, the belly of the mother grows very fast. Hence sleeping becomes difficult. At least the positions are nothing as they used to be. Hugging a pillow and putting it below your belly helps a lot with comforting moms-to-be.
AnxietyCraving physical intimacy is normal, and sleeping with a hugging pillow is a sign that the person does not rely on any other to give them that comforting satisfaction cuddling gives.
ComfortSome people just sleep with a hugging pillow aside them out of habit. And to your amazement, some people even sleep with pillows all around them as if those are the walls to secure them.
Self-RelianceCraving physical intimacy is normal, and sleeping with a hugging pillow is a sign that the person doesn’t rely on any other to give them that comforting satisfaction cuddling gives.
Physical TouchPeople who are in a long-distance relationship always crave for their partner to be with them, a pillow that they can hug can obviously not be an equal to their partner, but it sure can work enough to let the person fall asleep.
Height GrowthCraving physical intimacy is normal, and sleeping with a hugging pillow is a sign that the person doesn’t rely on any other to give them that comforting satisfaction cuddling gives.
Reasons for Hugging A Pillow While Sleeping

One may not relate to all of them or even agree with them. However, all of these reasons are effective for different people, differently.

Benefits of Hugging A Pillow While Sleeping

Hugging a pillow has more benefits than your regular comfort and safety. I know a pillow isn’t a human, but in times of distress, a pillow, especially one that’s soft enough for a hug, can prove to be very helpful.

Following are a few benefits that I believe everyone should know about they can enjoy with their habit of pillow hugging.

Helps Stop Snoring

Snoring can be really troubling, especially when you have a partner sleeping with you. I have seen relationships suffering due to snoring.

Snoring can be reduced in many ways, one being an elevated side position that can be attained with a pillow at your side.

Sleeping girl
Sleeping In The Right Position Does Wonders

Effective for Apenic

Apenic is a serious concern in both infants and adults. One of the symptoms of Apenic is snoring, and snoring can be stopped through a pillow that provides an inclined position. Using a pillow can also prove to be effective medically other than during pregnancy.

Reduces Anxiety

As mentioned above, anxiety is really troubling, but a pillow can lend a hand in fighting that anxiety. I understand it is not too much, but adding up a few things to help anxiety can make a big impact altogether.

Fights Fear

Having a pillow at your side on a dark, stormy night gives a sense of strength, the one you get when you have someone at your side. In times of fear, it’s normal to find shelter. A pillow can provide you with that shelter. Also, the sense that you’re not alone.

Deep Sleep

If you have never hugged a pillow to go to sleep or if you are someone fighting with falling asleep quickly. Try taking the help of a pillow and enjoy deep sleep. There’s something in this position that helps sleep like a baby.

Let’s check out this interesting video to see what psychology says about sleeping with a pillow:

Sleeping With A Pillow Means
Man searcing
Curiosity Leads To Answers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is hugging a pillow healthy?

Considering the fact that pregnant ladies take pillows to sleep comfortably, an inclined pillow helps stop snoring.

Medicated pillows are also available in the market other than the regular ones. However, when used correctly, standard pillows can also improve your overall health.

Does hugging a pillow help anxiety?

A pillow sure does help anxiety by giving an impression to a human that a person isn’t alone.

There are also huggable pillows in the market with breathable sounds that make the person think they’re not alone.

What are the benefits of a cuddle pillow?

The benefits of a cuddle pillow are not just psychological but physical as well.

Cuddle pillow combats the following things:

  • Anxiety
  • Apnea
  • Pain in the back
  • Pregnancy discomfort
  • Snoring


  • Sleep is fantastic, especially when you have a pillow at your side, giving you comfort and a sense of security.
  • Hugging a pillow while sleeping can be done for both psychological and physical concerns.
  • Combating anxiety, reducing snoring, effective panic, and going to deep sleep are a few benefits that you can enjoy with hugging a pillow.
  • Pregnancy, physical touch, self-reliance, comfort, and habit are a few factors that encourage people to sleep with a hugging pillow.
  • Now with all the advancements, there are hugging pillows in the market too.

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