Does Sleeping With Your Legs Straight Make You Taller? (Myth or Truth)

Sleep is so important for a productive and sane day. The importance of sleep can be determined by the studies that have taken place in the past, and there are plenty of them happening still.

Sleep has been dug so much in the experimental labs that the researchers have also determined that sleeping patterns have a role to play in the mortality risk.

There’s an old wives’ tale that sleeping with the legs straight makes you taller. Where there’s no evidence found for this statement in the scientific world, some people swear by this thought to date.

It’s true that exercise and stretching help the muscles lose tension and facilitate working better but does this practice help in making someone taller?

Well, there are a few tips and tricks that help achieve this goal, if that makes sense. No matter if science back this way of getting taller or not, we are going to help our readers to learn how to be taller through stretching to at least give it a try.

Baby Sleeping With Straight Legs
Sleeping Encourages Growth

Does Sleeping With Your Legs Straight Make You Taller?

While there is no medical evidence backing the “sleeping with your legs straight makes you taller” concept, there are a few postures that help achieve the goal.

We have already heard that sleeping helps to heal, but sleeping helps grow too. Even an infant’s growth is affected by the quality and quantity of sleep they are getting.

A growth spurt keeps happening until a child reaches the age of maturity. These changes are in weight and height. In this time, if someone struggles and makes an effort, they can do wonders with their height and weight because, after that period, everything comes with its cost and with extreme difficulty.

Though it’s believed by the best of minds that the intervertebral disc in your joint suppresses by 1%, and while you sleep, they expand back, giving you your original height back.

In childhood, gaining height is easier than in adulthood, but with the right methods and postures, this is possible.

Koala Sleeping
When Sleeping, Not Only Sleep!

Tips To Get Tall While Sleeping

It may seem impossible, but with some experience, we have gathered that getting tall while sleeping is possible, but that requires effort.

The following table is an explanation of those tips that can be used to grow while enjoying your sleep:

Tips Explanation
MattressGet a mattress that helps keep your spine straight and will ensure that you are comfortable and cozy.
Position Choose the sleeping position you know you love sleeping in so that you can enjoy deep sleep.
PostureRight posture is important when it comes to getting taller while you sleep.
MedicationCapsules are said to work great when it comes to growth. Have them once a day for better results.
Stress-less SleepRemove any sort of distraction from your bedroom. The distraction could be as unnoticeable as a mirror.
Tips To Grow While Sleeping
Girl Sleeping
Let The Sleep Do Its Magic

Sleeping Postures That Help Height Growth

There are a few sleeping postures that help stretch the muscle resulting in getting taller. Remember that things like this do not happen overnight. It is a long process that requires time and consistency.

Following are some postures that will help you get taller. However, bear in mind that sleeping alone can not do much:

  • When you sleep with your sides, the body stretches to an extent where height growth becomes a possibility. The only condition is that you keep your legs straight.
  • Other than just laying on one side while keeping the legs straight, place a pillow in between your legs. This way, you’ll not end up curling.
  • Another position is when you lay back on your back, like a soldier sleeps, straight and long! Also, your hands and feet must be straight down. This posture not only helps increase your height but also helps in encouraging wrinkles to form.
  • One other posture that helps height growth also involves sleeping on your back but with your hands under your head.

From all the positions, choose what makes you more comfortable and which can work in the long run because consistency is the key here.

Check out this video if you need to add up some inches to your height.

How To Increase Your Height?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does sleeping posture affect height growth?

The right posture helps the spine to get into a better and more upright position.

The straightening of the spine helps in making you tall or at least gives an impression of a taller you. Also, the sleeping position is effective in the development of weight and maintenance of weight.

Which sleeping position is best for growing taller?

Laying on one side with a pillow between the legs, preferably between the knees, is the correct and appropriate position for growing.

The pillow helps the spine to align and achieve a nice posture. Also, this position expands the intervertebral disc in your joints in sleep in a more effective way.

What if you sleep with straight legs?

Sleeping with your legs straight helps in getting good posture. However, sleeping with straight legs increases back pain.

Sleeping with straight legs at your back is harmful to your lower back, but sleeping with straight legs on your side helps height growth. This means straight legs and on the side is a good position to sleep in. It has more good to offer.


  • There’s no medical evidence that sleeping helps in growing tall. However, people have tried and tested a few ways, and that has helped in increasing height.
  • Keeping your legs straight while sleeping helps the intervertebral disc to expand at night, which compresses throughout the day.
  • Sleeping on one side and keeping a pillow between the knees helps in height growth, while sleeping on your back can trigger back pain in the long term.
  • The right kind of mattress, posture, and position can increase your height even while sleeping.

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