How Many Hours of Sleep Does Barack Obama Get Per Night? (Find Out!)

It’s often considered and said that if you have dreams to achieve something great, you have to compromise your sleep. However, in reality, if you wish to be at a certain height in your life, you have to get your required sleep.

Obviously, oversleeping has its own damage to do, but getting the sleep that your body requires is extremely important. Here, it’s important to mention that different people have different demands for sleeping time. You have to figure out your own required time to make your life productive.

In general, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is ideal, but it can decrease to 6 hours or increase to 9 hours maximum. Anything lower or higher than these limits is nothing but alarming.

People who are ambitious look up to people who are successful in life and try to be like them. One of the people, people often like to be like Barack H. Obama. So, let’s see what a sleep schedule is like to get a better understanding of how successful men function.

How Long Does Obama Sleep at Night?

Obama is considered a night owl at bedtime. Meaning he doesn’t take much time to sleep.

Barack H. Obama sleeps for about 5 hours at night, which isn’t recommended. While 5 hours is not even near the ideal amount of hours to sleep, somehow, it works for some people.

Mr. Obama does have a lot on his plate as a President, and the guy gotta do what he gotta do, I understand, but it’s best to make some time for yourself.

Even though you’re on your journey to reach the sky, make sure you get a good night’s rest to make sure that your days are productive.

What Is Obama’s Sleep Schedule?

Obama goes to sleep after midnight and leaves his bed at 7 a.m. He’s surely not one of those people who just loves to sleep. Take it from his sleeping hours. He only sleeps for about 5 hours a night, which we all know isn’t good enough.

Everybody requires different sleep times. The factor that influences this variation is gender, age, and interruption.

There are a few things that a person should consider when they are going to bed after midnight. Let’s move to the next section and learn more.

Worried Man
Sleeping Less Can Make You Groggy

Is It A Good Thing To Only Sleep For 5 Hours?

Absolutely not! Sleeping for only 5 hours can be alarming for your health.

People sleep for 5 hours a day, and I have witnessed them being so irritated and irritating at the same time. The following points are going to elaborate on the bad things that can happen to you if you sleep deprive yourself:

  • At the top of my head, crankiness is the first thing that comes to my mind. Lack of sleep takes away that happiness from you.
  • Without an adequate amount of sleep is necessary to concentrate throughout the day. If you deprive yourself of sleep, know that it will be hard for you to concentrate on your work.
  • It is obvious that one or two days of lack of sleep can do no harm to anybody. However, making your habit of sleeping less or sleeping late can even be fatal as it can cause many problems.

The body is active in sleep, too. Even the body provides more oxygen to the brain than it does throughout the day. At night, the body repairs itself in the REM stage of the sleep cycle. From 10 pm to 2 am, the physical repairing is done, and from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., the mental repairing is done.

Also, oversleeping can be harmful, too, as it leads to obesity, which eventually leads to heart issues and more.

Check out the video to see the comparison of sleeping hours:

4 to 6 Hours of Sleep Vs. 7 to 10 Hours of Sleep

Successful People and Their Sleeping Hours

We all wish to be successful in life, and in order to be great, no one factor is enough that could lead us to the path of excellence.

Often, we look at certain people as role models. May these people be around us or are celebrities. Those people are the mentors that keep us moving toward our target. Sometimes, by looking at these people, we get the motivation to work hard and be successful.

Obama Busy In Work
It Takes A Lot To Be A Role Model

If you have a role model that you follow or want to follow to become a better person, personally or professionally, look at all aspects of their lives, even their sleeping time.

The following table has got a list of mentors who are inspiring people across the globe to work hard and get what they want. Check out the table and see how long these celebrities sleep:

CelebrityOccupationSleeping Time
Barack H. ObamaEx-President of America5 Hours
Elon MuskCEO of Tesla6 Hours
Bill GatesCEO of Microsoft7 Hours
Victoria BeckhamFashion Designer5-6.5 Hours
Oprah WinfreyTalk Show Host8 Hours
Tim CookCEO of Apple7 Hours
Serena WilliamsTennis Player7 Hours
Kris JennerMedia Personality7 Hours
Donald TrumpEx-President of America3 Hours
Richard BransonFounder of Virgin Group5-6 Hours
Celebrity and Their Sleeping Time


  • Success doesn’t come easy. You have to give a lot of effort to get the best in life.
  • One of the things that needs to be kept in consideration is the time you give each night to sleep.
  • 7 to 8 hours is ideal for sleep duration, but 6 and 9 hours isn’t bad either. However, anything less or more than that is harmful.
  • Obama, the former president, sleeps for about 5 hours a night, which isn’t very good, but if works for the president, then it’s fine.
  • Every person requires a different time duration to complete their sleep need.

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