How To Sleep On An Empty Stomach? (Tips)

Eating and sleeping are both important things in life. Without them, a person can only survive for a few days, but also with decreasing strength.

However, people sometimes go to sleep without eating. It is true that you can fall asleep faster with a stomach that is not too full, but this is not the best practice. If anyone has this habit of sleeping on an empty stomach, he or she must change that habit for good.

Though sleeping on an empty stomach is not recommended and not an easy task, people still want to sleep on an empty stomach, and in their own world, they have genuine reasons to do so, and we are not here to judge anyone.

This article will tell you about the reason why someone would want to sleep on an empty stomach in case you fail to understand the reason, the tips and tricks to get the job done. And the pros and cons of sleeping on an empty stomach.

So, keep on reading the article to learn it all.

Boy Sleeping Uncomfortably
Be Conscious Of Your Life Choices For Better Sleep

Reasons To Sleep On An Empty Stomach

Going to bed with a full stomach, empty stomach, or just having an adequate amount of food is a personal choice.

No matter what others think, going to be on an empty stomach can be done for some reason. Those reasons can be:

  • Intermittent dieting is one of the most popular weight loss programs people are using to shed weight, and they are getting quick results. This method requires the person to go fast for 14 to 16 hours and that includes going to bed without eating anything.
  • Going to bed empty stomach helps with better digestion. Heavy meals make a person uncomfortable for the whole night.
  • Again, larger meals make a person shift sides throughout the night, and an empty stomach can make you sleep for the whole night.
  • Eating at the later hours of the night disturbs the hormone excretion which occurs as a natural process. This disturbance affects the overall health of a person.
  • Sleeping too much or just before bed can make your stomach acidic, and that can interfere with your ability to think.

I believe the problems mostly occur with a full stomach, eating too much, or eating just before bedtime. It is important to eat dinner but in moderation and not too late.

Girl Eating Compulsive
Be Mindful Of What You Eat and When You Eat

Tips and Tricks To Sleep On An Empty Stomach

It’s important to sleep way before bedtime, but it is often difficult to do so. However, with the help of some tips and tricks, it is possible to eat way ahead of bedtime and go to sleep on an empty stomach.

  • I cannot stress more on the necessity of staying hydrated. Drinking at least 1 to 2 liters of water a day helps you feel full and also lose weight if that is your agenda.
  • Start eating less, but not suddenly. Reduce the portion of your meals gradually, and you will feel less hungry, which will stop from extra munching before bedtime.
  • Try to add more protein and vegetables to your dinner, along with some fiber. This not only makes you regular but also makes you feel fuller for a long time without feeling heavy.
  • Eat nuts, a banana, and some yogurt for dinner, as they are sleep-friendly food. Food items like caffeine and alcohol disturb your sleep and are not good to take after dinner.
  • Choose a strict routine and follow it religiously.
  • Avoid screens after a certain time before going to bed. An open screen means open eyes, and open eyes can lead to an open mouth that much food.
  • Stress eating is real. Make sure that you have managed your stress properly.
Girl Being restless In Night
Empty Stomach Can Make People Insomiaic

Pros and Cons of Sleeping On An Empty Stomach

Eating on an empty stomach has its own pros and cons, which can differ from person to person and situation to situation.

The following table is to distinguish the pros and cons for the reader’s better understanding. Check it out:

Pros of Sleeping On An Empty StomachCons of Sleeping On An Empty Stomach
This habit of sleeping on an empty stomach can prove to be very effective in losing extra pounds. An empty stomach at night means a super empty stomach in the morning, which can lead to overeating at the end of the day.
Sleeping with an empty stomach gives your stomach some rest from all the work it does throughout the day. The resting of the stomach helps in better digestion afterward. Even if a person can go to sleep on an empty stomach, there are many chances of them waking up in the middle of the night.
The quality of sleep on an empty stomach is evidently better than a heavy and full stomach.It is difficult for some people to fall asleep on an empty stomach.
An empty stomach at the time of sleep is more likely to have no or less acid reflux. A hungry tummy can decrease the sugar level to a dramatic level.
Missing out on a meal can put your body at risk of nutrition deficiency.
Pros and Cons of Sleeping On An Empty Stomach

Before making a life decision by choosing a habit, always find out its pros and cons first. Check out this video and see how your body reacts to your habit of sleeping on an empty belly.


  • Sleeping and eating are two important things that determine the quality of life of a person.
  • Eating on an empty stomach is many people’s choice and the choice is made for certain reasons.
  • Intermittent dieting, better digestion, good sleep quality, and no acid refluxes can be the reasons why a person can move to this habit.
  • To get yourself to sleep without food on the bed, all you have to do is drop your food portions, stay hydrated, eat in small bites, avoid screentime, eat nuts, fruits, and vegetables, avoid alcohol and caffeine, and stop stressing out.
  • If you choose to go on an empty stomach to sleep you can enjoy good quality sleep, it effects positively on your digestive system, and you can avoid acid reflux.
  • If you choose to go on an empty stomach, you can have negative effects like restless nights, falling asleep, compulsive eating in the morning, nutrition deficiency, and sugar level drop.

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