Sleeping Positions To Grow Taller (Guaranteed)

Sleep is a blessing. Ask anyone who has insomnia — it’s when the person cannot fall asleep, and when they do, they wake up easily and quickly. Simply stated, people with insomnia have the hardest time getting quality sleep.

Also, when we sleep, the body starts repairing itself after getting into the third stage of the sleep cycle, which makes sleeping even more essential.

The health benefits of sleep are many. However, there is one other benefit that most people are unaware of, and that benefit is growing taller in sleep with certain sleeping positions.

Many people have gotten taller by trying certain positions in their sleep to get tall, but the fact that there is no medical evidence that backs this theory stands still.

The article will talk about the benefits of sleeping and everything that you would want to know about sleeping and height growth. So, let’s begin the article, shall we?

Sleeping Kid
Grow in Your Sleep

Benefits Associated With Sleeping

Sleep has many benefits associated with it. Many of them are proven by science itself, and many have been experienced by different people in different regions forever.

Here are some of the main benefits people enjoy after taking quality sleep that ranges from 7 to 10 hours at night:

  • While sleeping, the spine gets straight, which is bent in day time while the person was busy doing the required work. The intervertebral disc expands at night and compresses in the daytime. This intervertebral disc is present in every joint. Also, certain positions help in height growth even while you are sleeping.
  • Sleeping makes people think straight and on time. The proper amount of sleep is directly proportional to the level of cognition in a person.
  • After a good night’s sleep, one starts the day with a fresh start. The mental condition of the person is able to deal with the maximum of a person’s ability.
  • In sleep, the body fixed itself, especially in stage 3 of the sleep cycle. The process makes the immune system better. This is why sleeping on time is very important.
  • The lifespan of the person who sleeps on time increases as it allows the body to heal itself at night.
  • Also, when you wake up fresh, your mood is better naturally, and this helps your relationships as well.
  • Moreover, people who sleep on time and take quality sleep have a lower tendency to get obese than the person who does not take quality sleep. As less than required sleep triggers junk food and sugary munching.
  • Sleep also makes the productivity level better, along with the betterment in physical activeness.
  • Sleep also helps your skin glow differently. People who sleep well can see clear clarity in their skin.

Check out this video to see the importance of sleep:

Health Benefits of Sleeping and Sleeping Tips

Sleep And Height Growth

Height growth while sleeping is possible.

The intervertebral disc is in between every joint. This disc compresses the human body throughout the day, and when the body is healing itself at night, the disc expands. When the disc compresses, the human body loses its height, and while the disc expands, the body regains the height that was lost.

Other than this, with proper sleeping position, a person can increase their height. The sleeping thing can prove to be more effective when mixed with other tips and tricks.

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Sleep In Peace

Sleeping Positions To Grow Taller

Anyone who ever wanted to grow tall and didn’t know what exactly to do knows that you can increase a few inches even in your sleep. All you have to do is, sleep in the right position and be consistent with this practice.

There are a few sleeping positions that help to grow taller.

Sleeping on one side with straight legs can help increase the height. This position helps in stretching the muscle. However, it’s near impossible to sleep all stretched up for the whole night. Only practice and mindfulness can make this impossible possible.

Also, you can put a pillow between the knees while at one side to keep your posture straight.

Starfish Posture
Sleeping With Hands Under The Head Helps

Moreover, there’s a position that requires the person to sleep straight on the back and keep their hands on their head. From the top, the person will kind of look like a fish.

Additionally, the person can sleep with their hands and legs straight while they rest with their back down.

Choose any one of these postures and stick to it religiously. If you have back pain, don’t go for any position which involves you lying down on your back. Sleeping on your back triggers back pain.

Tips To Follow Grow Taller In Sleep

Sleeping gets you some extra inches in your height, but you have to keep a few things in your mind. Follow the following tips to get taller:

Tips Explained
Use The Right PillowIf you choose to lay straight, choose a thinner pillow. Make sure your head is aligned with the body properly.
Choose the Right PositionKeep the legs super straight, and avoid leg locking.
Mattress MattersAmong all of the postures stated above, choose what works for you.
Leg LockKeep the legs super straight and avoid leg locking.
Tips To Follow Grow Taller In Sleep


  • Sleeping has loads and loads of benefits that help people achieve their goals more effectively.
  • There are multiple benefits associated with sleeping.
  • Benefits like getting taller, self-repairing, rejuvenated skin, increased productivity, efficient cognition, positive attitude, brighter mood, long life, weight loss, weight management, and many many more.
  • Even though science does not back the phenomena of height growth, people have experienced getting taller while sleeping.
  • To increase the height while sleeping, it is important to keep in mind what position are you choosing to sleep in.
  • Sleep on one side with stretch legs or with a pillow in between your knees.
  • Also, you can lay on your back with your hands and feet straight, but also you can keep your hands behind your back like a starfish.
  • Make sure that your mattress, position, pillow, and legs are positioned right.

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