Is It Okay If Your Bed Faces the Door? (Here’s What to Know!)

Our beliefs have a strong connection with external forces and our subconscious mind. They have been in existence since the beginning of mankind.

Sometimes, these beliefs are superstitious, have no factual grounds, and are believed out of ignorance and fear. Even today, with science all around, some of the superstitious beliefs still exist. One of those beliefs is the superstition about your bed facing the door.

According to this superstition, if your bed is facing the door, you’re welcoming bad luck. While this belief seems unjustified and awkward to the people who ask for scientific reasons for everything, it’s religiously followed and scared by many people around the globe. Those who don’t believe in such a superstition get no harm from it, and those who fear it avoid it to the maximum of their capacity.

Let’s find out more about sleep-related superstitions and more. Scroll till the end for a fun-filled and surprising read!

Door and Bed
Is Bed-Facing Door Really Bad Luck?

Some Superstitions Related to Sleep

The world is a happy place if we let people be happy, and how do we do that? Well, the easiest way is to stop criticizing and start accepting the fact that different people have different opinions.

Now, I’m going to tell you a few superstitious beliefs that people believe to be true. If you believe them, enjoy the read and relate to it. If you do not believe in any of those, enjoy them anyway!

Here are the following superstitions:

  • If you need to change your bedsheets, make sure it is not a Friday, as it brings bad luck with it.
  • Flipping the bed on a Sunday is also considered unlucky.
  • When changing the sheets, make sure that you do not leave the work unfinished, or else something bad is going to happen to you.
  • According to Guatemala, there is a hand-knit doll that you can place under your pillow to take away all your worries and allow you to sleep peacefully. Maybe all the insomniac people should rush to buy one.
  • In Ojibwe, it’s believed that a dreamcatcher in the room filters all the nightmares while allowing only the happy dreams to enter the realm of dreams for you. You only have to search for an authentic one.
  • Last and the focus of our discussion, the bed facing the door, is bad luck superstition. According to this belief, the soul goes out from the door and from your head. And sleeping in such a position facilitates bad luck/ death.
Chinese Culture
Chinese Feng Shui Superstition

Does Your Bed Facing Door Bring Bad Luck?

According to Chinese Feng Shui, if the bed is facing the door, it’s a dead man’s position, or you may say coffin position, which is quite scary.

I mean, who would want to risk their lives with just a sleeping position? According to their beliefs, after dead of a person, their body will be removed from the room from the door, and the sleeping person in that position gives a sense of them being in a coffin.

The walking person, too, goes out through the door, but the sleeping person gives the impression of someone dead.

A Symbol Of Taking Out Coffins

It sure does not make sense to many, and I understand why, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, choosing the right position for your furniture depends on many other factors other than just this one. So, do what works best for you!

Check out this video to learn about the dos and don’ts of Feng Shui for the bedroom:

Dos and Don’ts of Feng Shui

Facts About Sleep

Enough with the superstitions already. Let’s look into the facts of sleep that could help us be more productive throughout the day.

Check out the following table for the facts about sleep:

Facts About SleepExplained
Positions MattersEven if positions seem to be the last thought that comes to your mind, they matter. The right position even helps in increasing height.
Sleep CycleThere are four stages in a sleep cycle. All of them have their own significance.
Active StateA person who is very active throughout the day requires a few minutes of shutdown between the days, preferably after lunch, to resume work efficiently.
Less Sleep Low ProductivityFalling asleep can be harder for some people, and when they do, they wake up quickly without getting quality sleep.
Insomnia Is RealA person who is very active throughout the day requires a few minutes of shutdown between the days, preferably after lunch to resume work efficiently.
Naps RequiredA person who is very active throughout the day requires a few minutes of shutdown between the days, preferably after lunch, to resume work efficiently.
Depends On NeedsThe amount of sleep a person requires is different for everyone.
Facts About Sleep


  • There are multiple superstitious beliefs associated with sleeping.
  • Superstitions like flipping the mattress or changing the sheets on a certain day can bring bad luck.
  • When two people change the sheets, they call for bad luck, or if they leave the changing in the middle, they will have a bad day.
  • Another one is when a girl sleeps with a wedding cake under her pillow. She will see her future love.
  • The journey does not end there. Chinese Feng Shui believes that when the bed faces the door, it brings bad luck as it is a coffin position.
  • If you are someone who believes in superstition, be careful with the position of your furniture around the house to be on the safer side.

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