Sleeping Without A Blanket (Here’s What to Know!)

As a child, our blanket not only provides warmth but we use it as a security blanket as they’re meant to provide protection. But as an adult, that same blanket works as a source of comfort in times of depression and loneliness.

However, the main purpose of a blanket is to provide heat when it is cold. Nonetheless, with time, a blanket has proven to serve more benefits than it was designed for.

People are more concerned about themself now than ever which is a great sign of progression among the rising rate of diseases. Even a tad bit of a thing that is involved in their lives must have a reason and a beneficial cause attached to it. The same is true for a blanket that was once seen as normal and insignificant has raised many questions with time and the questions are genuine.

Let’s dig into the topic in depth to learn everything about blankets and sleeping without them. Shall we?

Kid Under A Blanket
Security Blanket Securing Many

Sleeping With A Blanket

Sleeping under a blanket gives comfort on another level, in all stages and seasons of life.

If a kid is taking a blanket to sleep and requires protection, the blanket is going to help the child with that fear. It’s often thought that kids who carry security blankets are insecure, however, this is not the case. If an adult is feeling alone or depressed for any reason, again the blanket is there to provide comfort and warmth, giving an illusion that you’re not alone.

Girl Under The Blanket
Sleeping Under The Blanket Brings A Different Kind Of Comfort

But most of the time, blankets provide great comfort in the cold season and help battle the fever that can come with the cold.

People often make a habit of sleeping with a blanket, even when the weather is warm. It’s another debate if this practice is right or not.

Sleeping Without A Blanket

No matter how great some people say sleeping with a blanket is, there are a bunch of people who literally hate sleeping with a blanket.

We have seen kids attached to their security blankets but we have also encountered mothers who complain that their kid is not willing to go under the blanket at all costs. These kids somehow through away the blankets from their feet to feel free.

The same goes for some adults. This may be a cause of the warmth these people feel after covering under the blanket or maybe there is a psychological reason behind this. Sleeping without a blanket is as common as sleeping with a blanket is and if you ask me, I think it’s more about habit rather than atmosphere or fear.

Here, check this video to see what happens when you Sleep Without A Blanket:

What Happens When You Sleep Without A Blanket?

Benefits and Drawbacks of Sleeping Without A Blanket

Sleeping without a blanket sure makes some people more comfortable. However, this habit or act, if I may say, has a few benefits and drawbacks that I think everyone should know about.

Look at the following table to learn about some benefits and drawbacks of sleeping without a blanket:

Benefits of Sleeping Without A BlanketDrawbacks of Sleeping Without A Blanket
Helps to enjoy the right amount of warmth in the air. The body temperature is regulated better without any extra layer on the body.
Gives free space to move around the bed without any hassle. For some people, the quality of sleep decreases without a blanket.
The body temperature is regulated better without any extra layer on the body. Takes away the sense of protection.
The chances of getting allergies decrease when the person decides to sleep without a blanket. Sleeping without a blanket in cold weather can get you a fever and cold.
It is easier to breathe without a blanket blocking the oxygen.
Contrary to the belief, the cold temperature of the room helps reduce fat and increase metabolic rate.
Without a blanket, it’s easier to feel awake quickly which eventually helps in quick functioning.
Benefits and Drawbacks of Sleeping Without A Blanket

The benefits and drawbacks of sleeping without a blanket are in front of you. Now it depends on you and your situation what you feel is right for you.

Sleeping In Winters Without A Blanket
In Cold, Sleep With A Blanket To Avoid Cold

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I sleep with no blanket?

In general, there’s nothing big that you could expect. However, you can catch a hold if you sleep with no blanket in winter and you can get heatstroke if you sleep with a blanket in extremely hot weather.

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to follow with or without sleeping under a blanket. The good and bad with these blanket comes with your situation.

Why do I feel unsafe without a blanket?

The weight of the blanket somewhat gives an illusion of a companion’s presence and without that illusion, some people feel unsafe.

This feeling has to do more with the psychological side rather than the physical side. Blankets have been in use as a security shield for ages.

Why do I wake up with no blankets?

Tossing in sleep is a normal norm for anyone who is sleeping. If you wake up without a blanket while you slept with one means you were tossing way too much.

Some people cannot sleep on one side or in one sleeping position. These people often wake up cold in the middle of the night with no blanket on their top. Do not worry, this is very normal and human-like.


  • Sleeping with or without a blanket is a personal or medical decision.
  • Sleeping without a blanket has a lot of benefits to offer.
  • When a person sleeps without a blanket, their body regulates better and the temperature decreases quickly.
  • This practice also helps in passing oxygen without any hassle.
  • Also, the warmth of the atmosphere can be enjoyed to the fullest.
  • Sleeping without a blanket can also help the sleeping person move freely.
  • Moreover, the blanket catches allergies, and sleeping without one can decrease the chances of getting allergies.
  • Nonetheless, sleeping without a blanket helps in losing some extra pounds by improving metabolic rate.

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