Does waking up early effect your health? (Find out!)

For some people, sleeping is a hard thing to do. For some people, waking up is a hard thing to do. And for some people both of the tasks are challenging. But one thing is certain: waking up early has many health benefits.

People who sleep late obviously have problems getting up at a certain time. This is why it is suggested to schedule the sleeping and waking times according to an individual’s needs.

Although there is no set rule for these things. Sometimes waking up with not sufficient sleep gives you loads of energy, and sometimes waking up after even several hours is not enough.

The right approach here is to make a proper routine and stick to it. For that, you have to choose how many hours you would want to sleep to feel well-rested. The hours will range between 6 to 9 hours. Then only you can decide your sleeping and waking time.

Instilling this discipline in your life will bring many good changes, such as waking up early. I cannot stress enough the point that waking up early is very effective on your overall health.

Keep reading to know if waking up early affects your health.

Man Yawning
Early to Bed, Early to Rise Makes a Man Happy, Wealthy, and Wise

Benefits of Waking Up Early

Early risers are hard to find these days as staying up late at night is becoming more common. It is important to know that sleeping on time and waking up early is extremely important.

Man early in the morning
Waking Up Early Have Many Health Benefits

Waking up early has a great effect on your health and overall life too.

  • If you ask me, the term waking up early is kind of wrong it is actually waking up at the right time. Waking up in the early hours of the day aligns all your tasks on time.
  • When you wake up in the early hours, you have more time to do things. Try it, you will find all your chores and errands done that day and still, you will be left with loads of time on hand.
  • Waking up in the early hours gives the risers some extra time to spend on themselves.
  • An early riser can exercise, meditate, and be more physical in the early hours of the day as at that time you have more energy. Doing things that increase your productivity level is a wise move.
  • If you commute to work or school, it is more likely that you will be on time and will not have to suffer in the traffic.
  • Also, you can get ready in peace and however, you want with plenty of time on hand.
  • The skin starts getting better with time when you wake up early.
  • Also, physical health improves with all the extra energy you use in the day rather than sleeping. You can also have a nice breakfast when you wake up early.
  • Moreover, early risers are better thinkers and more disciplined. The thoughts of these people are more in place than anyone else.
  • Waking up early means sleeping early. When we sleep early the body gets more time repairing in the middle of the night while we sleep. When we do not sleep in those hours, we are doing more damage to ourselves than we think.

Check this video and learn the benefits of waking up early.

Benefits of Waking Up Early

Tips for Waking Up Early

Early rising is beneficial, we get it yet it is one of the hardest things to do. Thankfully some helpful tips can get you to wake up in the early hours of the day.

Alarm Clock to wake up early
The Oldest Technique in The Books to Wake Up Early is with an Alarm Clock

All of our life we have been listening to the suggestion of waking up early. However, no one told me how to do that except to sleep early.

There are people to whom sleep does not come as easily. What should they do? Well, for starters, check the following table.

Tips for Waking Up/Sleeping EarlyExplained
Make a SchedulePlan a sleeping routine and then no matter what you do, stick to it. This way, the time will come when you will not have to set an alarm to get up or do much to fall asleep, the tricked mind will get the job done.
ExerciseExercising during the day gives you the energy to work well throughout the day. Moreover, it tires up enough to give a good night’s sleep at night.
Use Sound TherapySoft music or static and white noise is a great way to put a person at ease and let them sleep eventually. Also, the internet is full of the sound of rain that soothes the person to fall asleep quickly.
Set the MoodDim the lights, and keep the room temperature to an appropriate level to ease the body and the mind for sleeping. Dim light and warm enough temperature signal the brain with comfort and sleep.
Avoid Screen, Beverages, and FoodTry not to consume meals before bed, especially heavy ones. Heavy food and indigestion keep you up. Also, drinking alcohol and coffee also disturbs your sleep. So a screen, no matter how small or big. Avoid all of these things to sleep faster and wake up early.
Tips for Waking Up/Sleeping Early

Frequently Asked Questions

Is early morning good for health?

Yes, early mornings are good for your overall health. Waking up early helps your physical health as you have much more physical activities to do. It also helps in getting better skin with fewer dark circles. Also, people who get to enjoy early morning are better thinkers and more disciplined. However, for that, you have to make sure that you sleep early too.

Should I go back to sleep if I wake up early?

Well, that depends on more than just one factor. If you wake up really early, which you know will create problems for later that day then head back to sleep without a question. However, if you know that the time of the day you are getting up in can be productive then waking up is the right choice to make.

What is the best time to wake up?

The best time to wake up depends on each individual’s needs and schedule. However, anywhere between 6 am to 7 am is a good choice. Prepare yourself to rise with the rise of the sun for better health, both physically and mentally.


In this article, we have gathered:

  • Waking up early has many health and mental benefits.
  • Whoever wakes up in the early hours of the day gets to complete their work on time, eat right, be punctual, and think positively.
  • All in all, the person who wakes up early lives a disciplined life.
  • To wake up early, it is important to sleep early too.
  • And to sleep early you have to make a schedule, use sound therapy, exercise, set the mood, and avoid beverages, heavy food, and screen.

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