How to fall asleep in an uncomfortable bed? (Explanation)

Sleep comes on thrones, too. This is a phrase I heard an elder saying every time I used to tell them how I was unable to sleep at night on school days.

Now that I am all grown and full of responsibilities, I know how right they were. To fall asleep, all you need to be is sleepy.

However, an uncomfortable setting or bed makes sleeping extremely difficult. Doable but difficult.

In life, there comes a situation when we have no choice but to sleep on an uncomfortable bed. What should we do then? Not sleep at all? Certainly not!

For a productive day ahead, it is extremely important to have a good night’s sleep. Even if it is to sleep on a bed. To our pleasure, there are some ways in which one can certainly fine-tune the uncomfortable bed for sleeping.

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Cannot sleep due uncomfortbake bed
Sleeping on an Uncomfortable Bed is A Challenging Task

Tips to Sleep on an Uncomfortable Bed

The amount and quality of sleep you get per night directly affects your physical and mental health.

Sleeping Like A BAby
Use a Body Pillow When the Bed is Uncomfortable

It is not only important to know how much to sleep but also how to sleep with ease for an uninterrupted sleep routine. The following things are a must if your bed is uncomfortable and you need a well-rested sleep.

  • The first and foremost thing one should do is see if the mattress on the bed can be placed anywhere on the floor. If so, put your mattress on the floor and see if sleeping on a floor works for you. Many cultures including the Japanese sleep on the floor.
  • Flip the mattress if the top layer has become saggy and uncomfortable. Flipping allows the mattress to spread evenly. However sometimes, flipping is not an option as the base and top layers have different functions.
  • Use comfortable pillows and put them in places where you find a hole sort of thing.
  • Buy a sleeping pillow, the one that you can cuddle with. A pillow like this is a blessing and extremely comfortable.
  • You can always use the military method of relaxing the entire body, from face to legs. Also, ease the mind for 10 seconds by thinking of something comforting.
  • Listen to some soothing sounds and make the bedroom environment comforting. So much so that it would not take you much time to doze off.
  • Exercise and meditate during the day to exhaust your body to sleep comfortably at night.

Here is how you can fix a saggy and uncomfortable mattress, check the video.

Fix an Uncomfortable and Saggy Mattress

Dos and Don’ts of Buying a Bed

Buying a bed is an important decision. A decision which you may regret later or may flaunt about it. So, it is essential to weigh down all the important aspects of buying a bed.

The table below is made to list the dos and don’ts of buying a mattress.

Dos of Buying a MattressDon’ts of Buying a Mattress
Do know exactly what you want from your bed and its essentials. The height, width, and firmness, everything matters. While you are figuring out what you need from your bed. Don’t neglect what your partner is looking for in a bed.
Do check your mattress in every way possible. Lay on it. Sit on it. Do whatever it takes to make sure that you are buying the right one. Don’t hurry to buy a bed. This may seem to be a do-and-get-over-with-it kind of job. However, a bed is a long-term investment. In a typical house, a bed stays for about 7 to 10 years long.
Before going to the store. Do the necessary research. The market is full of beds and mattresses. The person who intends to buy a new one must know what the options are. Don’t ignore the framework while focusing on the mattress alone. A strong bed needs a strong base. The stronger a bed is the more likely it will stay with you.
Do check out the warranty the manufacturer is offering. Also, see the return policy by the store. Sometimes, the one you choose to take home does not turn out to be the right one. In such a case, one should have the option to return it. Don’t ignore the size because whoever said that the size matters was absolutely correct. Know what size will suit you and your bedroom setting and choose that one.
Dos and Don’ts of Buying a Mattress
Military Way of Sleeping
Choose the Military Way if You Must

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sleep when your bed is uncomfortable?

When nothing works, some pillow around the body, some soft music or static noise, the right kind of temperature, and dim lights do the trick.

A body pillow is often used by pregnant ladies for a comfortable sleep. This pillow can work in uncomfortable bedding too.

How do you fall asleep when uncomfortable?

Using the military technique often works best to fall asleep quickly. The technique involves in easing the facial muscles, releasing the shoulders, relaxing the legs, and thinking of a comforting situation for about 10 minutes.

Following this technique rightfully allows the person to sleep faster and that too easily.

What to do when you feel uncomfortable in bed?

Finding the right spot to sleep is very important yet very difficult. An uncomfortable bed is not anyone’s first choice to sleep however sometimes it becomes necessary.

Use the right kind of light and temperature to prepare your body to sleep. Also, use some static noise to make your brain feel at ease to sleep even in an uncomfortable bed.


In this article, we have gathered:

  • Sleeping in an uncomfortable bed is a challenging yet doable task.
  • When you have to sleep in an uncomfortable bed, use the military technique to ease out completely and relax your mind while thinking of a soothing situation.
  • You can also flip the mattress, place the mattress on the floor, use some nice music and dim lights, set the right temperature, use pillows on uneven places, and use a bed pillow.
  • Always choose your bed with full consideration of all the necessary aspects.

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