Weighted Eye Mask Dangers (Be Cautious)

A good night’s sleep is a must for a productive day ahead. Between the beginning of time and now, humans have done a lot of work in sleep science to ensure the best practices humans need to be fit and healthy.

Now, with all the information on sleep duration, sleep cycle, and types of sleep patterns, we can do so much to improve our overall health by sleeping correctly.

Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours is ideal, while sleeping for 6 to 9 hours is not bad either, but anything less than that can be harmful.

The sleeping stages have an immense effect on a person’s memory and its ability to work great. The different kinds of sleeping patterns help people get the most from their sleep and can do better at work.

However, a few accessories are available in the market, like different kinds of blankets, scented candles, and different sorts of masks that help people sleep better and feel great in the morning.

Masks help people feel cozier and relaxed for so many reasons, but they do not only have benefits to provide. There are a few dangers that come with these weighted masks, and we are going to discuss them in this article.

Keep on reading till the end for an informative read.

Girl Sleeping With  Weighted Eye Mask
Sleep Peacefully With An Eye Mask On!

What Is A Weighted Eye Mask?

Weighted eye mask is the transformation of simple eye masks. These eye masks have weight in them, which helps with sound sleep.

Weighted eye masks have beads in them to create a sense of pressure upon the eyes and forehead. This weight helps in getting rid of headaches and anxiety.

Though this invention is a nice add-on, it still has some dangers associated with it.

Dark Circles VS Clear Eyes
Puffy Eyes Need Weighted Eye Masks

Use of An Eye Mask

Looking in the market, you are going to find eye masks that are not just effective but fancy, too. With closed eyes drawn, these eye masks are not just great to look at.

There are a few ways in which this accessory can come in handy.

  • Eye masks help to relax after a hectic day or to reduce the dark circles or puffiness around the eyes.
  • These masks give an illusion of darker surroundings for a quality and sound sleep.
  • Also, other than relaxing, these eye masks help in concentrating at the end of the day with the thoughts that are necessary.
  • Moreover, eye masks also provide a sense of security and privacy in people. It is a great hideout amongst people.
  • Eye masks also help with migraines and headaches by providing an extra touch of care and relaxation.
  • These eye masks are great while traveling, too, but that is only when you are traveling alone.
  • Most of all, eye masks help in giving quality sleep for better mental health and other benefits.

The use of eye masks depends on each individual and their preferences.

Types of Eye Masks

There are a few types of eye masks made to cater to different people. Here are them explained:

Gel Eye Mask

Gel eye masks are made of gel filling to cure puffy and swollen eyes.

It is often due to a certain medical condition or lack of sleep that our eyes get swollen or puffed up, or else we get dark circles. These gel masks are made with ingredients that help soothe the eyes by working on the blood circulation and putting in the right amount of pressure to relax.

Heated Eye Masks

Heated eye masks provide ultimate relaxation with the right amount of heat on the right areas of the eye.

These heated eye masks give relief from dry eye and stimulate relaxation through heat production. With the option to adjust heat, everyone has their chance to enjoy this mask as per their requirement.

Simple Sleep Masks

Though almost all the eye masks are used to fall asleep, there is one simple eye mask that is only used to cover the eyes to give a darker surrounding.

These masks are made up of soft and comfortable materials like satin and silk and are filled with foam or other soothing materials.

Bluetooth Eye Mask

Bluetooth eye masks are designed for music lovers. People who love to listen to music or anything before falling asleep must try these masks.

These masks have Bluetooth in them to connect with a source device and enjoy whatever audio they need to relax at the end of the day.

Weighted Eye Mask

Weighted eye masks have small beads in them to put some weight on the eyes and forehead for relaxation.

The sewn beads put the right amount of pressure on the forehead and eyes to combat anxiety and headaches and provide relaxation.

Girl Waking Up Happy
Quality Sleep Leads To A Happy Beginning

Benefits and Drawbacks of Sleeping With A Weighted Eye Mask

Everything has some good and bad with it. Not everyone experiences the same results with the same product.

The following table has some Benefits and Drawbacks of sleeping with a weighted eye mask.

Benefits of Sleeping With A Weighted Eye MaskDrawbacks of Sleeping With A Weighted Eye Mask
Combats anxiety and helps sleep better.Can get uncomfortable in the middle of the night.
Blocks out the light to give a cozy and calmer atmosphere.Weight can be a little too much for some people.
Helps get rid of the headache. Not an ideal accessory for a sleepwalker.
Provides a sense of security.Too much weight causes too much pressure which can make marks on the eyes.
The mask can relocate due to weight in the night and can cause suffocation.
Benefits and Drawbacks of Sleeping With A Weighted Eye Mask

Check out this video to learn the Pros and Cons of Sleeping With An Eye Mask in general.

Pros and Cons of Sleeping With An Eye Mask


  • Sleep has been identified as an important part of our existence.
  • There are multiple accessories that help with regular and consistent sleep schedules, and a weighted eye mask is one of them.
  • There is no doubt that a weighted eye mask is beneficial.
  • If you are using a weighted eye mask, you can feel more relaxed while lying down, you will sleep better, and it can combat headaches.
  • However, its dangers are undeniable.
  • Dangers like uncomfortable feelings, suffocation due to its dislocation, too much pressure and weight, and unsuitable for sleepwalkers.

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